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With us, you can experience village life in Greece and learn how our traditional food and products are produced.

Maybe you’ve visited Greece before, have tasted the delicious olives, olive oil, feta cheese and fresh vegetables and fruits grown in the country, and now you’d like to know how these products are produced. We offer you the opportunity to visit a beautiful place near the Greek coast and experience local village life and how food is made.


Greece has more to offer than just beaches and taverns. Come to Agia Kyriaki, Parga to experience a different kind of holidays in Greece. Wake up to the sounds of birds singing, open the curtains and see the olive trees, enjoy a traditional Greek breakfast and get ready to learn how food is made from the field to the final product and get your hands dirty.

Agritourism with Elaia

The most western region of Greece is called Epirus. It stretches from the border with Albania in the north, to Preveza in the south and Ioannina in the east. Epirus is the greenest region in Greece due to a higher average of rainfall.

When you go around in Epirus, you’ll not only see the magnificent landscapes with mountains, valleys, rivers, and various types of flora, but you’ll also see countless olive groves and fields with for example corn or fruit trees. Furthermore, there is lots of wildlife to be found, like several types of birds, butterflies and other insects, reptiles, and even wild horses. You’ll also find many beehives around.

The western side of Epirus is bordered by the Ionian sea and has a beautiful coastline with several beaches. On the eastern side the Pindus Mountain range, that forms the spine of mainland Greece, separates Epirus from the regions Macedonia and Thessaly.

    • In Epirus there are several activities the people engage in. For example, they herd sheep, goats and cows, and they grow, amongst other things, olives, grapes, oranges, corn, tomatoes and kiwi’s.
    • Every autumn and winter Greek people harvest their olives. Most of the olives here are meant for oil. The olives are brought to the factory where the oil is pressed.
    • Milk is collected for dairy products, like Feta cheese and other local cheeses.
    • Grapes are harvested for wine or tsipouro (a local spirit).
    • Corn is grown for animal food, just like grass and weeds.

During your stay at Elaia near the famous coastal village of Parga, we will offer you a variety of activities. The activities will be a few of the following. It depends on the weather, the moment that you’ll come and the length of your stay which activities we will engage in.

Possible activities in autumn:

  • Olive harvesting;
  • Visit the olive oil factory and learn how the oil is produced;
  • Visit the factory where ouzo and tsipouro (local spirit) are produced;
  • Visit a dairy product factory to find out how Feta cheese is produced;
  • Make your own olive soap or spoon sweet (special style of preserve);
  • Walk around in nature;
  • Visit a woodworking factory.


Possible activities in spring:

  • Plant vegetables in the garden, or plant an olive tree;
  • Harvest olives;
  • Prune trees;
  • Visit the factory where ouzo and tsipouro (local spirit) are produced;
  • Visit a dairy product factory to find out how Feta cheese is produced;
  • Make your own olive soap or spoon sweet (special style of preserve);
  • Walk around in nature;
  • Visit a woodworking factory.


Other options are to visit the city Ioannina, which is famous for the production of silverware, or to visit ancient sites in the area.

You’ll stay in one of our recently renovated rooms/studios/apartments in Agia Kyriaki, near famous Parga.

From our accommodation, you can walk into the garden and olive groves, to the village, to the mountains, or to the beach. Whenever we’ll undertake activities, we’ll drive you there.

We will provide traditional Greek breakfasts that you can enjoy in your room, on your balcony or in our garden.

During the activities we will either bring lunch, or eat it in a tavern or bakery. We will eat dinner in a restaurant, or organise a barbecue in the garden.

Because you never know what the weather will be like in spring and autumn, it’s wise to bring layered clothes, suitable for warmer and colder, and maybe even rainy weather. During some of the activities, your clothes might get dirty. And to fully enjoy the area, you can go for short or long walks.

So we advise you to pack at least:

  • Shoes for walking on rough terrain;
  • Old clothes that can get dirty. Wear layers: trousers, (long-sleeved) t-shirt, pullover/hoodie/cardigan and coat;
  • Warmer clothes for chilly evenings;
  • Bathing suit;
  • Money for snacks, tips and souvenirs

We’ll use garden gloves during harvest and work in the garden. We’ll provide them, but if you prefer to use your own, bring them.

Included in the price of your stay with us is the following.

  • Your stay at Elaia, including bed linen and towels;
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners that are enjoyed as a group;
  • Transfer from and to the airport;
  • Transfers to and from locations of activities;
  • Activities and what is needed to undertake them;
  • A bottle of the oil from olives that you harvested;
  • Tours in English with translation in Dutch


What’s not included

  • Flight tickets;
  • Snacks, food and drinks that you buy on your own;
  • Entrance fees in case of a visit of an ancient site or museum;
  • Transfers to and from locations of individual activities. Consultation is possible.

Elaia rooms and apartments are situated in Agia Kyriaki, a small village about 5 kilometres from Parga.


  • Preveza (flights from end of April until the end of October) – 65 km /1 hour
  • Corfu Island (flights from April until November) – 3 hours (taxi + ferryboat to Igoumenitsa)
  • Thessaloniki (flights year round) – 340km / 4 hours

Read more about Elaia on our homepage.

Experience Greek village life

If you have any questions, or would like to book this experience, contact us.