Elaia’s olive oil

Who we are

For 4 generations, Dimitris’ family has been harvesting olives for oil. Ever since he was old enough, Dimitris worked in the olives every year. He got to know the trees and the process better and better, learned a lot from reading about good practice, and talking with professionals. In 2019 he decided to take over the business from his parents and improve the product even more.

In 2020 we (Dimitris and Nicole, a Greek-Dutch couple) officially made it our own olive oil business and called it ‘Elaia’s’.

Our goal was to produce extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) of superior quality with great flavour. We did, and we are very proud of that!

We sell our oil in limited amounts in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and of course Greece.

What is Elaia’s?

The name Elaia’s derives from the ancient Greek word for olive tree. We chose this beautiful word for our business, because everything we do and sell has to do with olives and olive trees. We are surrounded by them.

The variety of olives that we use for our oil is Lianolia. This type of olive is native to the northern islands in the Ionian sea and mainland north-west Greece. It has been growing in our part of Epirus for more than 500 years. This tree grows well in a humid environment. It can grow tall, sometimes reaching almost 25 meters, which makes early harvesting difficult. If you take good care though, and keep them low and wide, early harvest is possible. This provides magnificent oil that is unusually high in beneficial polyphenols.

Harvesting and pressing

We harvest our olives from the end of October and until early December. This way, the olives are not that ripe yet, so they contain most of their healthy ingredients.

We put them in special mesh sacks and bring them to the factory the same day, where they are cold pressed to oil. Extracting the oil at temperatures below 27 degrees Celsius is necessary for preserving the high amount of phenolic compounds, which offer a great aroma, superior flavor and health benefits against heart disease, dementia and numerous other conditions.

The olive oil is kept in large stainless steel barrels many weeks, to be able to self-filter. After that it’s ready to be bottled!

We bottle the oil in dark bottles, or in cans, because light damages the oil and we don’t want the oil to lose its precious ingredients.

The labels on our bottles are made in accordance with the European and local laws. So in the Netherlands and Germany, you’ll find all the necessary information on the label in Dutch and German.

Characteristics of good olive oil

Elaia’s EVOO is a pure oil, low in acidity, rich in texture and full of healthy anti-oxidants. Consuming our olive oil doesn’t only mean that you’ll enjoy the rich flavours, but also that you consume the essential vitamins A and E. And because we use cold extraction only, we make sure that the healthy ingredients are preserved well.

Flavour and use

The smell and flavour are fresh and peppery. The oil is ideal for cold dishes, in dips, over prepared (pasta) dishes or to cook light dishes and fish in. You can even drink it, or use it on your skin!

This website is under construction. If you want more information about our olive oil, contact Dimitris Tsatsis at info @, or call or send a message to +30 6946284681.